A dangerous game

Morgenstern’s book is full of rich characters and magical elements. Perfect for the reader that likes just a hint of fantasy.

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Topsy turvy

The story bends and overlaps and stretches until you have lost your sense of direction just as a circus patron feels skewed upon entering one of the circus tents. 

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What I’ve longed for

A fabulous, fin-de-siècle feast for the senses and a life-affirming love story.

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Magic, mystery, & romance

The people who will fall into the world Morgenstern has created will wish it were a real, and pine for an invitation to stay forever.

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Morgenstern paints her world with carefully chosen hues, (“flames the color of a ripe pumpkin;” “a deeper, sparkling crimson” are phrases she ties to the circus’s opening night) and when she delves into the visceral, from the sumptuous “midnight dinners” with course after course of mouth-watering food, or when Celia demonstrates the magic behind the illusions to Marco with a winceinducing dagger stab to her hand (it heals up just fine, thank you), she hits all manner of grace notes.

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Dreams & nightmares

Night Circus is the stuff of dreams and nightmares.

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A magical world

[T]his book … creates a magical world readers can imagine being part of thanks to Morgenstern’s vivid imagery and storytelling skills.

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