A fairytale start

The book felt very original, fresh and full of imagination. The slow romanticism within the book did not bother me, as it crept up on me rather than being too full in the face. 

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Real magic

The magic is real, though the magicians have to pretend it’s just legerdemain in order not to frighten the public.

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Carried me far away

I found Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus to be an absolutely enchanting read. 

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A dangerous game

Morgenstern’s book is full of rich characters and magical elements. Perfect for the reader that likes just a hint of fantasy.

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The Night Circus is a magical circus in every aspect. It is built and held together with magic, and is bewitching in its charm. 

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Struck by lightning

It’s a smart book, but smart in a way that also caters to those with dreamy imaginations. 

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Let’s get lost

In short, The Night Circus is an intriguing enigma, filled with characters and magic that bring out unknown desires in the reader.

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